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Survey Assistant Project 2023

Northern Manitoba Sector Council (NMSC) welcomed Survey Assistant students this spring including Olufisayo Akinwale, Patience Anthony, Ryan Chubb, Cody Flett, Amanda Grieves Bradburn, Fabiola Krueger, Quentin Little, Jimmy Muskego and Trisha Spence. They completed upgrading with Workplace Education Manitoba (WEM). Followed by an introductory course on Trade Tools & Equipment provided by Liuna Local 1258!. Rounding out the program with Lawson’s Survey & Consulting supplying surveying skills and practice opportunities with donated equipment from Cansel Winnipeg. Vale Inc. also facilitated a tour and presentation of their related operations for NMSC’s students.

These Survey Assistant students looking to foray into the trades were also supported by NMSC to seek local employment opportunities, through job postings, updated resumes, cover letter and interview supports. Through the summer, Graduates that secured employment were supported through their initial employment periods and others continued to be supported through the hiring processes.

NMSC wants to thanks our Survey Assistant students, our program instructors, mentor and all the local businesses who have continued to support Northern People for Northern Jobs.