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West Lynn Heights Career Day a Success!!!


West Lynn Heights School hosted a “Career Day” on May 25th, 2022. They are located North of Thompson in Lynn Lake MB, and has just under 200 students who attend the school from grades K-12. There was a total of 75 students who came to check things out between 1pm to 3pm that day.

The schools gymnasium walls where lined with tables of companies and/or organizations that came to present information and answer questions the students had about the type of work they do, or how one can become like them in the future. Words of encouragement from those in the different industries and the exploration the of different career paths they may take after graduating from Highschool, kept the kids busy all afternoon.

Northern Manitoba Sector Council was in attendance as well. We showcased our VR Headsets to the students. The VR Headsets were loaded with Simulation Apps like; Mining VR, Pump Simulator, and Dialysis Technician VR. These types of apps are a safe and interesting alternative to exposing the youth to those types of work environments. There were also some Games on the VR Headsets, that would have them trying things like puzzles, golfing, hunting, and other types of virtual activities.

The excitement and enthusiasm these young people had was very contagious while interacting with all of them. They appeared to be in awe at what they experienced when trying the VR Headsets, and they had so many questions and we did our best to answer them all.

Everyone was also treated to some barbequed hotdogs, juice and bottled water throughout the afternoon. It was great experience for everyone involved and I hope to see all these young people pursuing their Career goals in the near future 🙂